JPS 2014 Autumn Meeting


Theoretical Particle Physics

Experimental Particle Physics

Cosmic Rays/Astrophysics

Division 1
(atoms and molecules, quantum electronics, radiation)
Division 3
Division 4
(semiconductors, mesoscopic systems and localization)
Division 5
(Optical properties of condensed matter)
Division 6
(metal physics [liquid metals, quasicrystals], low temperature physics [ultralow temperatures, superconductivity, density waves)
Division 7
(molecular solids)
Division 8
(Strongly Correlated Electron Systems)
Division 9
(Surfaces & Interfaces, Crystal Growth)
Division 10
(dielectrics, ferroelectricity,lattice defects and nanostructures, phononic properties, and X-ray and particle beams)
Division 11
(fundamental theory of condensed matter physics, statistical mechanics, fluid dynamics, applied mathematics, socio- and econophysics)
Division 12
(Soft Matter PhysicsEChemical PhysicsEBiophysics)
Division 13
(physics education, history of physics, environmental physics)